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About Harbin University of Commerce
2018-03-21 08:37   审核人:

Founded in 1952, Harbin University of Commerce is the first multidisciplinary commerce-oriented university in China. It is one of the key universities in Heilongjiang Province.

It is located in Harbin, a famous northern city in China. It is divided into north and south campuses. It covers a total area of 1,165,500㎡, including an area of 645,100㎡ for school buildings. Presently, HUC provides educational programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. The total number of full-time students is 25,078, with additional 7,000 students in continuing education.

Covering eight disciplines, Economics, Management, Engineering, Law, Literature, Science, Medicine(Pharmaceutical Science)and Art, etc, the university consists of twenty-two schools, Institute of Commercial Economics and Institute of Commercial Engineering. At present, there are sixty-one majors, sixteen authorized centre for doctoral degree, sixty-nine for Master’s, three postdoctoral flow stations and two postdoctoral workstations, one National Engineering Research Center of Innovative Anti-tumor Drug, one Engineering Research Center of Natural Anti-cancer Drugs certified by the Ministry of Education, one National Training Base for Vocational Education Teacher certified by the Ministry of Education, two provincial key laboratories, two provincial engineering centers, three humanities and social science key research bases,  one provincial philosophy and social science key research base and three provincial key university laboratories.

The great academic advantages over other competitors lie in its all-level key majors, namely, six national-level special featured majors (Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation,Accounting, Commodity Science,Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering and Economics), and fifteen provincial-level key majors(Tourist Management, Business Administration, Public Finance, Packaging Engineering, Logistics Management, International Trade, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering,Project Management, Electronic Business,Electronic Information Engineering, etc). Particularly, HUC plays a leading role in Cooking and Nutritional Education. The annual Chinese and Russian College Students Culinary Skill Competition, attracting candidates from more than ten Russian and Chinese universities, has been listed as a routine activity during China-Russia Expo, and has become a brand project in Heilongjiang Province. HUC is committed to developing it into an international culinary competition.

HUC is rich in teaching resources. Currently, there are 1,853 staff members, 1,482 of whom are full-time teachers, including 239 professors, 588 associate professors, 516 graduate tutors, sixty-three doctoral supervisors, one with State Council Academic Degree Committee membership, one with the membership of Science and Technology Commission of MOE, a foreign member of Ukrainian Academy of Economic Science and twenty-three experts who receive government special allowance distributed by the State Council.

In the recent five years, teachers in the university have conducted a considerable number of research projects (of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation, The National Key Technology Research and Development Program and Ministry of Education): 812 longitudinal tasks, 179  crosswise tasks, 351 invention patent and patent for utility models. Totally, there are 361 publications and monographs. The faculty has published 7,617 articles, 1,863 of which are published on the journals registered in retrieval systems, such as SCI, EI and ISTP. There are three journals in this university, Commercial Research, Journal of Harbin University of Commerce (Natural Science Edition) and Journal of Harbin University of Commerce (Social Science Edition).

The university attaches great importance to the collaboration and exchanges with universities at home and abroad. It has long been taking the philosophy of open education and the idea of educational internationalization. It has established academic cooperation and exchanges with sixty-five universities of twenty-eight nations and regions all over the world. It has conducted research with American, Australian, Japanese, Russian and Korean universities and other academic institutions. Meanwhile, HUC serves as a foreign-aid training base authorized by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China. As of this date, more than 300 government officials, corporate executives and university teachers have finished their training programs in HUC, all of whom are from as many as seventy-three countries and areas , including Asian, African, South American countries, Caribbean areas, South Pacific countries and Commonwealth of Independent States.

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