Event Service Information I -2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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Event Service Information I
2018-06-10 20:23   审核人:

(Specific information is subject to the official website updates)






Training grounds,game ground and function rooms

①the conference of CISCA

②game technical conference

③Alumni Peak Forum

① CISCA conference and game technical  conference :Conference Room 302 in the Administrative Building

②Alumni Peak Forum:International Lecture Hallat the 1stfloor of the Expert Apartment

①The organization of CISCA; the organization of Game Technical Conference:Han Guogang

②The organization of Alumni Peak Forum:Zhao Yan

③Conference Room:SunZhiwei

training ground

①1Natural grass football field at Zone A

②2Artificial grass football fields at Zone A

Sun Yuwei

game ground

Stadium at Zone A

Li Ye

conference rooms for players, coaches and referees

①small conference rooms for players:locker rooms in Stadium

②conference room for referees:VIP Room at the 1st floor of the Expert Apartment

③pay rooms: Room 401, 408 Longtang Hotel (500 yuan/2 hours)

①Li Ye

②Zhou Xiuhong


①Breakfast:7:00 -- 9:00

②Lunch:11:00 -12:30

③The lunch for the first game team:10:30 --11:30

④Dinner:17:00 --18:30

⑤The second game team dinner:20:00 --21:30

①Dining hall at the first floor --99 restaurant and second floor--the multi-fuctional hall in Long Tang Hotel for the players of US, Japan, Korea, international referees and international officials

②the dining Hall at the 2ndfloor in Expert Apartment for Mexican team, Chinese team and the officials of FUSC

③Dining hall in Zone A for volunteers





the players of US, Japan, Korea, international referees and international officials of FUSC

Longtang Hotel

Huang Wei

players of Mexico and the event technician

Expert Apartment

Zhou Xiuhong

Chinese players, assistant of referees, media staff

International Students’ Apartment

Li Meijie

Registration for Cultural exchange activities

15:00–17:00 on June14th, 16th, 17th, 19th, and 21st

Registration sites on the first hall of Longtang Hotel, Expert Hotel and International Students’ Apartment. Registered personnel can enjoy the activities the next day or the following days.

Xu Bingruo

Event briefing

7:00-9:00 on June 15th-24th

The service counter on the 1sthall of Longtang Hotel, Experts Apartment and the International Students’Apartment

Du Huiyong

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