​The Eighth Game---Mexico Achieved Victory over USA-2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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​The Eighth Game---Mexico Achieved Victory over USA
2018-06-21 22:05   审核人:

At 5pm on 21st June, the eighth game occurred between Mexico, the defending champion and USA, the last runner-up.

Mexico kicked off. Before the first quarter finished, USA advanced to 7 yards from the end of Mexico.In second quarter, USA got 7 points by touchdown and extra point. At 5:26pm, after one of Mexico players run to 95 yards, and brought ball into end zone, the score was 7:7. At 5:45pm, Mexico touched down successfully, the score became 13:7. When the first half finished, the score was 13:10, Mexico was over USA narrowly.

In the second half, USA touched down,the score was 17:13, USA was over Mexico narrowly. At 7:15pm, Mexico touched down successfully. Eventually, Mexico won the game with score of 19:17.

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