2018 FISU World University American Football Championship began in style in Harbin University of Commerce-2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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2018 FISU World University American Football Championship began in style in Harbin University of Commerce
2018-06-14 21:24   审核人:

2018 FISU World University American Football Championship began in style at 10:00 on on June 14th at the Stadium of Harbin University of Commerce(HUC). This competition is hosted by the Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire(FISU), and is organized by Federation of University Sports of China(FUSC) and HUC,

the present distinguished guests are:Mr. Martin Doulton, FISU executive committee member, Mr. Xue Yanqing, president of Federation of University Sports of China, Mr. Xing Aiguo, Deputy Secretary-General of Heilongjiang Provincial government, Mr. Hangwei,Vice Mayor of Harbin City, Mr Zhao Guogang, Director General of Provincial department of education, Mr. Yangtao, Director General of Provincial Sports bureau, Mr. Zhang Tao, Secretary of Provincial youth league committee, Mr. Yu Xiaodong, Provincial education Labor Union, Mr. Yu Wei, deputy director of Songbei District, Mr. Xin Baozhong, party secretary of Harbin Normal University, former president of Harbin University of Commerce, Ms. Zhang Xiaodan, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Heilongjiang Province & Former Vice president of HUC, Mr. LI Jiao, Vice president of Heilongjiang broadcast and TV station, Mr. Sun Xianmin, Party Secretary of Harbin University of Commerce, Ms. Zheng Qiumei, President of Harbin University of Commerce, Ms. Ma Xiaoyan, Vice president of Northeast Normal University, Ms. Baijie, Vice President of Sichuan Tourism University and the leaders from the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education, Federation of University Sports of China, the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province, and the People’s Government of Harbin City, partner universities and institutions, Leaders of Harbin University of Commerce, faculty and students, and attending alumnus at the “Alumni Summit” forum, Mr. Li Chunguang, former President of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, Mr. Zhang Guangsheng former chairman of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Mr. Wu Di,Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai Golf Association, Mr. Wang Jun. Chaiman of Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Ms. Zheng Qiumei, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee and President of Harbin University of Commerce.

The first thing to enter the venue was the event mascot, the bear “Gan Gan”. They evoked cheers at the venue with a naive image.

In the melody of the cheerful music, delegations from the five countries of Japan, South Korea, Mexico, the United States, and China and the referee delegation entered the statium one after another, waving frequently to the audience and bursting into joy.






Accompanied by the melody of the "National Anthem of the People's Republic of China", the bright five-star red flag rose smoothly.

Mr. Sun Xianmin, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin University of Commerce delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of Harbin University of Commerce, he expressed his sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests, athletes, referees, coaches and reporters from China and abroad.

Mr.Sun Xianmin stated that Friendship, which derives from close contact between the people, holds the key to sound state-to-state relations. This Championship will be loaded with the value pursuit in Chinese culture, named Harmony in Diversity. It will develop and expand the sportsmanship of excellence, friendship and respect, and bring happiness and friendship to university students of different races, skin colors and cultural background. In addition, it can stimulate the vitality, the courage to challenge and the conviction of innovation of the youth.

Mr. Sun Xianmin stated that on the basis of the careful preparation of the Harbin University of Commerce and the careful guidance of FISU and FUSC and the active participation and joint efforts of delegations from various countries, the competition will surely be completed in a unique and high level, which will mark a wonderful page in the development history of American football. Harbin University of Commerce is committed to serving the event wholeheartedly and making greater contributions to the promotion of cultural and sports exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Mr. Xue Yanqing,Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the Secretary-General of the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education, said in his speech that university students’sports events are both a stage for fulfilling their ideals and pursuing excellence and a platform for exchanging skills and ideas, and they will also help them to understand and perceive Chinese history and culture. He sincerely hopes that young friends can improve their skills, gain friendships and enrich their knowledge at HUC. As an active member of FISU, FUSC is willing to join hands with all parties to jointly promote the development of international college sports and escort the growth of global college students.

Martin Dalton, executive committee member of FISU, on behalf of Dr. Oleg Madditch, President of FISU, paid tribute to Harbin University of Commerce and believed that this event was a very special event. FISU once successfully hosted the World Universiade in Harbin in 2009. He was very pleased that this event could once again consolidate and strengthen the good relations between the various departments and universities of the Heilongjiang province. The first holding of this sports event in Asia demonstrates the ability of university sports to break cultural boundaries and extend this sports game to all parts of the world. He hopes that this event will be an outstanding professional event and a wonderful international sports event too.

In the expectation of more than 10,000 people present, Mr. Xing Aiguo, chairman of the Organizing Committee and deputy secretary general of the People's Government of Heilongjiang Province, announced the opening of 2018 FISU World University American Football Championship.

Accompanied by the FISU anthem, the FISU flag rises smoothly above the stadium.

The athlete's representative Fang Tingyu and referee's representative Liu Xie took oaths on behalf of all athletes and referees.



After the delegations left the venue, the theatrical performance of the opening ceremony began. The group dance "Beauty in Longjiang" show the beauty of Longjiang incisively and vividly by the full bloom umbrella and their graceful dance.

The robes, Confucianism, and bamboo slips in the "Looking Up and Down," bring a heavy sense of history to the audience, highlighting China's 5,000-year-long civilization. The sound of opening and closing of bamboo slips is the movement that was circulated in ancient times; dancers aremoving up and down like waves, which is a reflection of the ups and downs of history.

The song "I Love You-Five-Star Red Flags" rang through the audience and five-star red flags flew in the hands of the dancers, indicating the prosperity of China. Two thousand audience waved five-star red flagsformed from safflower, highlighting the earnest patriotism of HUC students.

The "Grand Exhibition" sings out the youth's vigor, sings aloud the fighting spirit of the students, and the dragon and lion dances brought by Harbin Normal University are the true portrayal of the young students.

"Love in Love"is sang with affection in this field with friends from all over the world. With the blooming fireworks, the opening ceremony ended with the good wishes and mutual love of the people from differernt countries.

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