HUC holds the Training Meeting of the Editorial Staff for U-19 World Championship, 2016-2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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HUC holds the Training Meeting of the Editorial Staff for U-19 World Championship, 2016
2018-03-21 15:51   审核人:


At 16:30 on May.23,the training meeting of the editorial staff, which was organized by Advocacy group of the Preparatory Committee of U-19 World Championship (2016) and School of Basic Sciences was held in the room 2503 of the building B04. Mr. Yin Liang from the School of Physical Education and Ms. Zheng Min from journalism in the school of Basic Sciences made lectures respectively.

Mr. Yin Liang introduced to the staff about the types, competition regulations, techniques and tactics of the American football through a great deal of video and audio clips and pictures. He also explained the American football’s situation of development in USA and in China.

In the lecture “Journalists’ Misson of Occupation ”, by a lot of living examples of interviews, Ms. Zheng Min illustrated that an excellent journalist should have the spirit of perseverance, stand firm by faith, have the courage to move forward, have the spirit of continual questioning and proof searching, have the strong sense of social responsibility.

Both teachers hoped that all editorial staff can actively participate in the competitions, initiatively take responsibility of communicating with Chinese and foreign participants and publicizing and reporting the competitions, and show the elegant and excellent demeanour of our university. Therefore, the staff all said to manage to carry out their assignments, and exert all their energies to do the collecting and editing work.

(writer: Sun Kunpeng, Cui Paiwei Reviewer: Sun Zijin Editor: Sun Zijin)

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