The Performance of the American Football Team of HUC Came to a Successful Close-2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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The Performance of the American Football Team of HUC Came to a Successful Close
2018-03-21 16:42   审核人:

The American football game between Tiger from Harbin University of Commerce and War Bear from Harbin Sport University were going smoothly at 3:30 pm on May 24th to 25th, 2013.

The training was proved effective on the court. Thanks to the armor of Tiger none of the team members were injured. Besides, the players of HUC have improved their body conditions greatly.

Chris Barrette, AFU, Football Union coach from America, came to China on March 27th, 2013 and started directing right before the game .Through the two-month run-in period, the members coordinated well with each other, they all performed well. Although some came in and out during the training, the 8-week spring training for members came to a successful close.

The fitness test officially started on March 28th, 2013. Many students who were interested in the game flooded in for the test that day, and they all were extremely enthusiastic and confident.

In the first week, everybody went all out, but it was not easy for everyone to stay intensified and decisive. The training ground was the very place where everyone played, laughed and cried.

Daily training was like a battle, because everyone shed sweat and spared no efforts. Every two weeks Chris would give team members a lesson in the classroom, for football needed not only real combat but also tactics, which is more important. In the classroom, players watched different kinds of matches. Chris would write assignments of every position on the blackboard carefully, and players carefully studied tactics as well. This 8-week training was very hard for team members. Although some who vowed to persist left, others who had been training silently held on the last game. We witnessed their hardships and tiredness, but those were not all. When everyone gathered, clapped, cheered and yelled out "family "with their fists holding together, we sensed a feeling of pride and happiness which filled us with strength. This is what a group looks like! American football is just like a big family with coaches, teachers, team managers and team members. Everyone tried hard to fulfill his or her duty and everyone was united for the reason that we had a common goal to win the game. We aimed at creating wonders and history through games from Harbin to Beijing, from Beijing to Guangzhou, and from Guangzhou to America. So it does not matter how hard it is.

There are lots of laughter and complaints, joys and difficulties as well in every day’s training. Only holding on consistently and persistently can we make a miracle, because perseverance is the key to success.

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