Team Korea-2018 FISU World University Championships American Football
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Team Korea
2018-06-07 10:22   审核人:

History of Team Korea

American Football was first introduced to South Korea in 1945 along with the liberation from the Japanese rule. Since its 70+ year inception, American football has experienced rapid growth in the Korean peninsula, currently holding 40 college teams and 6 KNFL teams. South Korea has previously participated in the IFAF World Championship in 2003, 2007 and 2015, but this will be the first time it partakes in 2018 FISU World University American Football Championship in Harbin, China.

The FISU WUC KOREAN NATIONAL TEAM is led by Kyung-Chang Shin, a legendary Runningback out of Kyungpook National University. He has previously served as the captain of the Korean national team in 2003 and has multiple championship awards under his belt. Due to the mandatory 2-year military service required per male South Korean citizens the age limit set by FISU turned out to be a serious challenge and thus the Korean national team fell short of the 63-man roster. Korean national team players and staff members hail from more than 16 universities. Our team is looking forward to competing against the best countries in the world.





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